Community Response

  • Emergency Disaster Services


    Disasters can occur at any time and in any place. They often bring death and destruction in their wake. The unpredictability of a disaster makes it all the more devastating.  Canada is fortunate that emergency preparedness experts at all levels of government have well-organized, definitive plans, in which The Salvation Army plays an important part.


    The Salvation Army has a long standing tradition of serving those in need without discrimination.  During times of disaster those services are carried out through the Emergency Disaster Services  ministry.


    Whenever disaster strikes, the presence of Salvation Army personnel is expected. Ready to deploy its resources at very short notice, our disaster units immediately work to reduce physical harm and help victims regain control of their lives. The Salvation Army brings relief to people around the world through its emergency and disaster services.


    Emergency Disaster Services volunteers are given specialized training to help prepare them to respond to the needs of First Responders (police, fire rescue and others) and victims.

    The services provided might include:

    Water stations

    Food Services

    Emotional & Spiritual Care

    Reception Centre duties


    The Army’s unique, international structure enables it to move quickly into action.  Here are some examples of the emergency and disaster work of The Salvation Army:
    * 911 World Trade Center in New York; we have counselled and comforted grieving relatives of those lost in air disasters at Paris (France), Gander (Newfoundland), Locherbie (Scotland), and at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia; we worked tirelessly during Manitoba’s devastating flood and Eastern Canada’s ice storm, and we assisted with emergency relief operations overseas in Rwanda, Albania, Kosovo, and, of course, in Iraq.  Most recently we provide food and counseling to those who were impacted by the tornado that struck in Woodbridge and Goderich (Ontario) and surrounding areas.

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    We currently have teams in the Phillipines serving the people of the area.


    We have training in several areas:

    1.  disaster training for your congregation

    2.  Introduction to The Salvation Army Disaster Services

    3.  Food Handling in a Disaster Setting

    4.  Emotional & Spiritual Care (level 2 - 2 day course)