The Salvation Army, Brampton ministries is made up of ministry groups that reach far beyond the doors of the church itself.  Our motto "Giving Hope Today" expresses our desire to connect with people throughout our community, in a positive life changing way. Our members and volunteers want to help people face the challenges of daily living through a supportive community of faith.


    We are a church that follows Jesus' example by loving God, people, and serving our communities located in the Region of Peel and beyond.  Whether you are a guest or a member, we thank you for taking the time to check us out.  We invite you to our Sunday Service at 10:30am.  Learn more about Jesus, our church, and how to connect with others and get involved.  We hope this site will help you begin a journey to connect to our community in significant ways.


    Special Event coming April 18th with 2 shows only @ 2pm and 7pm

    Steve is well known tribute artist giving acknowledgement to his favorite artist Elvis Presley.

    There are only a few Advanced Tickets available still at $45.00 after Feb 1st they are $49.95 at 9395 Bramalea Rd in Brampton, ON.  You may place a phone order and your tickets will be held for 10 days. If they are not picked up and paid for by then we must putthem back on the market.  Tckets are going fast so please don't delay.


    Enjoy a sample Steve's work...


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