Our Pastors

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  • Majors Gordon & Connie Armstrong came to us from a posting in Vancouver B.C.


    They are the proud parents of two daughters and two sons with the added pleasure of seven grandchildren.

    They know kids!


    They have planted two other congregations in their career that are still going strong.  The first was in the town of Wiarton, ON.  With the help of Mary & Dwight Millar the Armstrong started a new ministry which is going strong and has expanded its service to the community every year.

    The second was a Mandarin church in Vancouver.  With the help of Parker Shieh, the Armstrongs strewtched themselves with guidance from the Holy Spirit to begin a new ministry outside of their comfort zone, totally relying on the Holy Spirit.  Five years later it is growing in numbers but more important growing the people in their spiritual lives.


    Brampton is going to be one of their last postings.  With retirement looming they are looking to finish well.  This church is briming with excitement and purpose for the future.  New ministries are coming on board, the Day Care has just opened up new spaces for more children and the future is ours to take.


    Major Gord said, "May we, in our plans, never walk faster than the Holy Spirit who holds our hands as we walk in all we do".