Who We Are

  • Our people come from many backgrounds and represent a diverse mix of ages and ethnic groups.  We worship together, learn together and enjoy great social activities all blended in one congregation. We have a  variety of programs covering fun and food, for the body and the soul. On Sundays we have a teaching ministry covering all ages.


    We are actively involved in our community and train and encourage people in their faith. We participate in community service through such activities as emergency relief, help for people who are struggling with the challenges that life present and counselling services.


    Brampton Citadel Community Church is one of hundreds of churches within The Salvation Army located around the world. As you may know, The Salvation Army strives to support the spiritual and social concerns of individuals. For well over a hundred years now, mankind has been cared for by The Salvation Army.  Brampton Citadel Community Church supports this mission and we believe in satisfying the holistic (total, combined) needs of mankind and in particular, our community.